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Who Cares?

I do, and hopefully you will too. At least, that is my goal.

I, Skyler June, am a photographer who struggles terribly with writing bios about myself. I cannot think of anything that is more uncomfortable than creating combinations of adjectives and nouns to create some rigid construct of who I am. Often, people ask me what type of photography I do. Even that question makes me uncomfortable for similar reasons. I just shoot, mostly driven by passion and partially driven by the desire to capture the very moment I am in and all its subtleties. But to capture such things requires an unconstrained vision and ever-changing techniques; two things I am constantly striving for. Because of this outlook, I do not have a favorite type, style or tool, just whatever is needed to capture what needs capturing. Most people do not like my answer of having no favorite type of photography or favorite thing to shoot, but like words used to describe me, I feel oddly constrained by the concepts and words themselves.

One thing I can say about myself is that I am not a big fan of integrated technology, such as having constant Facebook notices or e-mails to one’s smart phone. There just is no substitution for a non-disrupted life (and yes I know many people need to do so for work, but there was once a time when work stayed at work and I feel for those of you who no longer have that luxury). But because of this belief, I never really got into the blogging or the twitter or the checking my e-mail more than once every two months…. One thing that I did take to, once I got a smart phone, was Instagram because anything with a photo is what catches my eye.

So basically, this site will be about and made up of just that; Photographs. They will be my photos, perhaps some of yours (that is, if you care to share here), some tutorials, tricks as well as free stuff you can use to add to your own work.

All this because self-expression is an amazing and powerful thing. Respect it, love it and embrace it.

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