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Something I never really expected to find when I installed Instagram was the sense of artistic community hidden in the back alleys in a maze of life’s static images. Yes, Instagram can be an application filled with low-res photos of what someone ate that day, or pixelated images of sappy quotes taken off tumblr, but it all comes down to where you look and who you connect with. Below is a beautiful collaboration piece created by Ahmad Renaldi (@skinnymonkey) using a part of a photograph I composed in California and mixing it with a work of his own.

Since joining IG, I have been blessed with inspiration from so many creative people, as well as a pouring in of support of my own art. I have had the honor of working with many different artists, learning, sharing and contributing together to create something wonderful. It sounds silly to say Instagram has had such an impact on my life, but it actually has. The community of persons in my IG life keep me going, artistically. And to them, I would like to say thank you!.

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